Hey! My name is Greg, I’ve been programming almost half of my life now and I can never get enough of it.

Here’s some language I know so far:

  • Java
  • C#
  • HTML + CSS [Bootstrap, Ink]
  • Javascript [Angular, JQuery]
  • Php

Over the next 2 years it will literally be my job to make IOS applications; thing is, I’ve only touched a mac once in my entire life! Android fanboy through and through but I have no choice but to get stuck into the Apple Eco system. So with 0 prior knowledge but 100% dedication I decided to document the whole thing in the form of a blog.

Why blog?

I decided blogging would be a great opportunity to document the entire learning process from start to finish. I’ll be keeping track of as much as possible so I can use it later to find out what makes learning easier for other people.

There are other mediums I could use, vlogging, audio etc… which I might explore into the future however I think typing comes more naturally to me.