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Day 2 – Training

Day 2 – Training

Day two was the first real day of work, we started to look at the program we will be learning for the next 2 months; Objective-C.

It is an absolute horror of a language. We only learn swift for the last 4 days so there’s no escaping it either! Really good to see the learning experience from a different point of view; not being able to understand.

It seems as though the one thing to remember while learning programming; don’t question syntax just except that’s the way it is and that’s how you do it. Progress is much faster and you learn why later on.

Things we covered on day one:

  • Intro to IOS
  • Basic IOS architecture
  • Model View Controller Intro
  • Getting started with xcode; project, layout and buttons
  • Objective C
    • Interfaces
    • ViewController Objects (Label & Button)
    • Properties
    • Action Functions
    • Variables
    • Getters Setters
    • NSLog (Print out)
    • Button clicking
  • Version Control

We finished that early so went onto work for Day 2

  • Interface & Implementation Files
  • Class declaration
  • Objects methods
  • Accessing properties
  • Initializations (constructor)
  • Variable types

Pretty intense day, got home spent another 2 hours going over what we did during the day. Interesting to see how we started the day with “wtf is this language syntax” to “okay not sure why they use square brackets everywhere but I kinda understand using it now”.

Day 1 – Settling in

Day 1 – Settling in

Images credits spongebob.wikia.com

Well shit. Looks like I’m posting a bit late; work is tiring and time hard to find.

First day very much introduction with the company, lots of signing and paperwork. It’s made me realise how much people and relationships mean to a job; it’s literally the difference between a great and a horrible workplace. Work doesn’t make a workplace, people make a workplace.

Received my mac book which I will be borrowing throughout training; here’s the system spec’s for those who are interested.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.24.40 AM

First day I spent a little bit of time just getting used to the mac, using shortcuts and gestures (and downloading chrome ofc!).

MacBook Pro 2011 Review

My first impressions are it’s clean but it’s not fast, admittedly it’s 6 years old so I don’t know how it compares to the latest releases or if it was brand new but it’s noticeably not snappy. Build quality isn’t amazing considering the price range, materials especially on the top and bottom don’t feel particularly sturdy and warp with easy. Keyboard is decent, seems the keyboard is an American layout which is rather annoying, also the command key is more inconvenient to press simultaneously with nearby keys than the windows equivalent (control).

The touch pad is admittedly quite good, I find myself often using gestures such as three fingers to change desktop or two to go backwards/forwards on webpages. I also like the magnetic charging port although I’d like to see that more often on other products maybe even for ethernet, usb, hdmi, headphone etc…



Hi! I’m Greg! I truly believe everyone can learn to program. Yes even you! Teaching anyone to program is my goal; to accomplish this I must first breakdown learning itself.

I’m going to be spending the next two months going straight from basics head first into the Apple Eco system with zero experience.

Join me, a traditional techie, from Apple newbie to app developer; as we explore the efficiency of learning to code.

– SwiftSlice